Checkpoint Wingman 1.6

Source:Top Tier Studio

Checkpoint Wingman is a World Wide Database of user uploaded DUI Checkpoints. See all entered DUI or other Checkpoints posted anywhere within the US or World via your GPS location. Single tap any Checkpoint icon and see the date and time. Add a Checkpoint by double tapping the Map and entering the Checkpoint Data. Checkpoints auomatically delete from Map 24 hours after checkpoint end time.

Checkpoint Wingman Full Version Features include:
--- Ability to set a warning radius around checkpoint
--- Ability to change warning radius size (800 - 2400 yards)
--- Warning siren sound when entering the warning radius
--- Warning message appears on screen when in radius
--- Ability to Text or Email Checkpoint info to contacts
--- Quick search other cities and states

Last Updated:2015-06-10 12:16:47
File size:1.79MB

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